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Here’s Scientific Proof That Roses Will Make Your Wife or Girl Friend Happy

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Roses makes girl friends and wives happy. Here is why.

When you think hard about it, flowers are impractical. First, they don’t last long, and for most people, the only thing that should not last long is food. When you give flowers to someone, what does it do? I know for a fact that receiving flowers is like a treat. It makes you excited. Why?

A new study published by the State University of New Jersey has found links between flowers and life satisfaction.


The cliche "stop and smell the flowers" can be taken literally as Rutgers Behavioral Study have proven – flowers are nature’s way of helping us promote our emotional wellbeing. Flowers trigger happy emotions – they heighten the feeling of satisfaction and positively affect our social behavior.

This new study has challenged the very foundation of many scientific beliefs concerning man’s management of his day to day moods. The study was led by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Rutgers and went on for 10 months. It studied the behavioral and emotional responses of several people who received flower delivery to Philippines. Through this study, it was found that flowers can serve as a natural and healthy moderator of moods. Aside from this, here are other findings of that research:

Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. Many of the participants say that whenever they receive flower delivery to Philippines, they are able to express their ‘true’ or ‘real’ smiles. They were genuinely happy, extraordinarily delighted and thankful. This reaction was the same for all age groups.

Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. The study found out that when the respondents received flowers, they feel less agitated and lonely. This feeling of higher sense of enjoyment and satisfaction lasts longer.

Flowers make intimate connections. This is not a wonder as flowers are said to be the most romantic thing in the world. When you send flowers, you’re basically telling the recipient that you love them and are thinking of them always.

In the past, common sense has been telling us that flowers can make us happy. Now, science has given us a proof.

 By: Tony Dee

Article Directory:

Tony Dee is a writer for Island Rose, a Philippine flower delivery service that specializes in roses and unique gifts. We invite you to visit the Island Rose website to read more interesting articles or to order flower delivery to Philippines.

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Where To Order a Dozen Roses Online at the Last Minute?

Friday, May 1st, 2009

As this is being written the clock is ticking down to Mother’s Day.  Here is help if you are ordering your flowers at the last minute.

Mother’s Day is huge for people that want to buy roses online. As unbelievable as it may sound, most people will order their Mother’s roses at the last minute. If you are asking where to order a dozen roses online at the last minute, we can help.

We have found an online company that is equipped to handle the crush of last minute Mother’s Day orders for roses. In fact, CBS News recently conducted a survey where they wanted to find the best online companies to order roses from. Their objective was to find out who offered the best value and who actually delivered the same roses that were featured in the pictures on their website.

The results of their survey can be seen on a video clip here. The company they chose was . Vera Gibbons, the CNS News Financial Contributor, who conducted the survey, said ” offered the best value” out of all the companies they surveyed.

She also said that they delivered roses that very closely matched the pictures. We spoke to the company recently about the upcoming crush of orders that will be happening at the last minute, just before Valentine’s Day. We were told they were confident they could handle all the last minute orders and deliver on time.

We were reminded that they guarantee the quality of their roses as well. “If you are not 100% satisfied” they said they would refund what you paid or redeliver. Roses make a perfect gift for Valentines Day.

Here’s something to remember: Red roses are most traditional and are sent to say: I LOVE YOU. You can send other color roses to have their own special meaning if you prefer. Orange is for passion, white is for innocence, yellow is for friendship, pink is to say thanks, and purple is for love at first site.

Depending on your relationship with that very special person, be sure to keep in mind the rose color meanings. A very special Valentine’s Day gift also can include an originally written short love poem or something written by someone else that you share as your favorite. The whole love poem thing sometimes takes a little longer to think through–so don’t procrastinate on this.

At any rate, keep in mind the ticking clock–you have even less time to order your Mother’s Day roses now! Give , the CBS News Survey “Best Value” winner, a call today.

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Here’s How to Get the Best Price for Mother’s Day Roses

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Buying Roses for Valentines Day need not cost you a fortune and be difficult if you follow these guidelines. Here is help on how to buy roses properly and get the best price possible.

1.  The most important tip is that timing is everything.

If you wait too long to place your order, as it gets closer to Valentines Day, most companies raise their prices.  So the first tip is not to wait.  Order your Valentines Day Roses sooner rather than later.  Procrastinating will cost you more.  The other problem with waiting too long and ordering too late is that your flowers might be delivered late or they could be different than what you ordered.  Ouch….not good!

2.  Order from a reputable company.

When you search for companies to order roses from online it can be overwhelming with deciding who to choose.  How you can be sure of picking the right company that will give you the best value, great quality roses and deliver on time?

Recently, CBS News conducted a survey where they wanted to find who the best companies were to order roses from online.  There is a clip of this survey here.

The results of their survey revealed one company that stood out from all the rest. The company is  CBS News Financial Correspondent, Vera Gibbons said the roses ordered from were the “BEST Value” and very close to what you see in the picture.  So take a look at this company.  Based on that CBS News survey, it takes the risk out of selecting a company that may not be able to fulfill your order in a dependable way.

3.  Plan Ahead.

Think about the type of roses you want to send ahead of time, so you know what to look for when placing your order.  Do you want to send a dozen red roses?  Do you want to send a single rose?  Do you want to send different color roses?

Remember that the different the meanings of roses vary based on their color.
Red says “I love you.”
Purple is for love at first site.
Pink is for thanks and appreciation.
Yellow is for friendship
White is for purity
Orange is for passion
So what do you want to say with your roses?  Consider what the color is already saying for you.

4.  Write out the perfect message that will accompany your roses.

Do you know what you want to say in the message in the card that will accompany your roses?   Maybe you want to consider a “roses are red poem.”  Take a look here and you will find several examples.

5.  Know in advance the favorite color of the person you are sending the roses to.

Despite the fact that every color has its own meaning, if the person you are sending to have a favorite color, you will make them happier if you send the color rose that is their favorite.

6.  Know the date you would like to have your roses delivered.

If you order your roses and have them delivered on the day before Valentines Day, that is best.  That is better for you that the actual day of the holiday–when most people have their roses delivered.  The day of the holiday is too busy for the delivery and because of that there is too much room for error.

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Why Roses Make the Perfect Valentines Day Gift–Here’s a Unique Way to Give Roses

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, you can’t overlook Roses.    Roses make the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

Throughout history roses have been long celebrated as the "flower of love".  They are by far the most popular flower to give to someone special.  There is no better way to express your feelings for someone than by giving roses.

The big reason is that roses, all by themselves, because of their color say how you feel about that person.  Do you know what the different colors of roses mean?

  • Purple roses mean infatuation or love at first site.

  • Pink roses mean thank you or appreciation.

  • White means purity of innocence.

  • Yellow roses mean friendship.

  • Red Roses means I love you.

  • Orange Roses mean passion.

Here’s a really  unique Valentine’s Day Gift idea  using roses. 

Most people give red roses on Valentine’s Day and you can too, if you want to be traditional.  But if you want to do something a little more creative, try this idea.

Give all different color roses along and accompany each color rose with a hand written message.

Here’s an example:

1.  First you could give purple roses to represent the start of your relationship.  Write a message about when you first met that person and your attraction to them.

2.  Follow that with the giving of white roses to represent the purity or innocence of the early days of your relationship.  Include a note that remembers a related situation, your thoughts or a certain memory.

3. Perhaps you became friends at this point in the relationship.  This is perfect for yellow roses.  Be sure to write a memorable message to be sent with your yellow roses that remembers a time that shaped the friendship.

4.  Now it’s time to give red roses.  This will say when you fell in love with that person.  As before, accompany the red roses with a personable note.

5.  Depending on how far you relationship has gone or you want it to go, orange roses would make sense here.  Roses that are orange represent passion.  Don’t forget the memorable note as before.

I think you have the idea here.  You can give complete bouquets of each color if money is no problem.  If you are more on a budget you can give single rose of each color.

A company that we have found that does a great job with this unique idea is . 

If you want to order roses over the phone you can call  directly at 1-800-838-8853.  Mention Code "One J Three" to get a special Valentine’s Day price.

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Love Quotes To Go With The Roses You Send Your Lover

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Love Quotes – Adding Romance To Your Life

The subject of love may be one that is written about more than any other around the globe or throughout history. The great romantic poets such as William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning are prime examples of stating love quotes in timeless language.

Who can forget love quotes such as "Soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun" from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The romantic balcony scene has been played by hundreds, perhaps even thousands of actors since first performed on London’s theater scene.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s work "Sonnets from the Portuguese" is nothing less than a love letter to her husband Robert Browning. The poems are full of love quotes that bear memorizing. Listen as she questions: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach …"

The tragic themes associated with love gone wrong or forestalled by circumstances are responsible for many of the love quotes we see today. We can be cynical, sad, happy, or amused by our favorite love quotes. It is rare, though that we fail to be enlightened and uplifted by serious quotes on the the subject of love.

Other love quotes are more humorous. Many of the Valentine Day quotes fall into the category of comic relief, but they can also be sweetly sentimental. Valentine Day quotes are useful for defining sentiments that may be hard for some people to express. It may be that sentimental emotions are just new to the person. making use of love quotes from a famous source, the person can gradually ‘ease into’ expressing deep and heartfelt emotions on their own.

Valentine Day quotes about the emotion of love are especially helpful, because the variety of quotations on the subject is so great. If you are looking for the light touch, try "Roses are red, Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet and so are you." Trite? without a doubt, but also guaranteed to melt the recipients heart, if said with sincerity.

If you are a little uncertain about how to use love quotes when it is not Valentine’s Day season, try adding a note in a lunch pail or tucked into the suitcase of the spouse who is on a business trip.

Don’t worry if the quotes you use to your life partner or children are famous because they were first said by someone else. Don’t be embarrassed because the words sound strange to recite to someone. There is a certainty that the hearer will appreciate the effort you have made to learn the words and repeat them in a meaningful way.

Of course, there are other types of love than romantic love. You love your children, you love your parents and friends, and you love hitting the malls after a dry spell. You even love Rocky Road Ice Cream. If the occasion arises, you can find serious or humorous quotes about all these types of love.

By: lopazski

Article Directory:

Quotesdaddy is the best place where you can download and get Valentine Day quotes and all type of quotes. So enjoy Romantic And inspirational quotes at Qotesdaddy.


Here Is More Helpful Information on Love Quotes: 

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Here are Some Timeless Favorite Love Quotes

I love thee, I love Thee/With a love that shall not die/Till the sun grows old…

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These sweet love quotes willl help make your love life more beautiful and strong… 

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Ignite The Romance In Your Life-Where To Buy Roses Online

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Ignite The Romance In Your Life!

order rosesIgnite romantic thoughts by sending the person you love a beautiful hand tied bouquet of stunning red roses this Valentine’s Day. 

A single velvety red rose stem a simple yet effective way to declare your love and affection to a special person in your life.

For the truly passionate a large bouquet of twenty four ruby red roses interspersed with delightful lush foliages, presented in coordinating gift wrapping will certainly express the way your feel on Valentine’s Day. A truly romantic gesture which be adored by recipients young and old, male or female.

CBS News conducted a survey to help you take the guess work out of choosing a company to buy roses from online.  Here is the company they chose as offering the best value.

White and red are delightful colour combinations. A hand tied bouquet comprising of a whole host of luxurious red roses, Oriental lilies and a variety of other carefully selected red and green flowers provide a sensuous and stunning display to please men and women of any age.

For a truly striking and extravagant display send a contemporary design. A host of exquisite ruby red roses arranged tightly into a trendy white floral pattern red container marks the occasion in true style. The ‘wow’ factor will get most certainly get hearts racing and bring smiles of sheer delight to anyone who receives such a Valentine’s Day arrangement. For added intrigue just place a large question mark on the accompanying card to keep your lover guessing as to the sender!

Skilled florists are keeping well and truly up to date with contemporary flower designs for Valentine’s Day this year. A striking arrangement which uses four different red flower types, roses, bud carnations, fashionable gerberas and open carnations, separated by carefully folded banana type leaves into four equal parts and finished with bent wisps of bear grasses is a pure work of art-Valentine’s flowers with a real difference to impress the most ardent flower lover.

Alternatively a similar four part arrangement consisting of saucy pale pink anthuriums with a shade darker pink spikes, candy floss type pretty pink carnations, partially opened pink rose buds and vibrant pink gerberas looks equally as stunning against the dark green foliages. A truly marvellous hand tied arrangement finished off with trendy white opaque with pink patterned cellophane to be admired by all who are fortunate enough to receive such a delightful and thoughtful Valentine’s bouquet.

Many new trends are being incorporated into Valentine’s Day. Sending a red rose stem for the number of years people have been together is becoming as equally popular for Valentine’s as it is for anniversaries. This romantic gesture is sure to please partners- a romantic gesture which grows larger each year!

The rich and famous go well and truly ‘over the top’ when it comes to sending flowers to their Valentine’s! Enormous bouquets comprising of fifty red roses is an extravagance which will delight and amaze is becoming increasingly popular-more especially when they hit the news headlines!

Whatever your budget or preference in flowers there are numerous different floral arrangements and hand tied bouquets readily available from online florists to help you send Valentine’s Day Flowers to the person you love in true style!

By: Terry Henman

Article Directory:

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Sending Roses-The True Meaning Behind It

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

The True Meaning Of Sending Red Roses To That Special Someone

Who doesn’t like flowers? Whether its to celebrate a special event like a birthday or graduation, to cheer someone up, or the most common use of flowers: to declare love for that special someone. Known as a universal gift for every occasion, flowers can simply brighten up ones day. There are various types of flowers, but one of the most common flowers that are more popular are roses.

Traditionally, roses are given by men to women to symbolize admiration and love. Did you know that the different colors of roses connote different meanings too? The different colors are ways of expressing feelings and emotions. Lets start with the least popular colors first. Orange roses indicate enthusiasm, desire and fascination. Pink roses convey happiness and gracefulness, thus, used in birthday parties of women. Blue roses, like their color are used to describe the uniqueness of the recipient. Dark pink sends out gratitude, while light pink describes ones joy and sweetness. Peach roses have the same meaning as pink roses too. Yellow simply means caring and symbolizes friendship, while white roses express purity, innocence, heavenly and charm.

Lets now move on to the most popular rose color: red roses. They say if you give a bouquet of red roses to someone, it means you really love them. But what do red roses really mean? In a nutshell, red roses mean love, respect, and passion. This is probably why most roses given out on Valentines Day, are red. For the longest time, red roses have also been used to depict strong romantic feelings for someone. A gentleman who gives a dozen red roses to a woman, clearly has deep feelings for that woman. Seen as the classic rose color, this color is also seen in most movies or even read in classic fairytales.

Red roses, when combined with other colors, give out a different meaning altogether. When combined with white roses, they can signify courage and unity. Red and yellow rose combinations are for happy feelings, and joviality. For most honeymoon suites that use scattered petals as lovely room decorations, red is also the most prominent color. This is probably to promote excitement and romance in the bedroom. Even the leaves of the roses have significance too: hope.

A different meaning corresponds to the kind of red rose a gentleman gives out too. Cardinal red signifies desire, and firery red is for the flames of passion. A deep red rose is for admiration, or sometimes, embarrassment.Different amounts of red roses have several meanings too. A single red rose, for instance, has a simple yet powerful meaning: I love you. Two roses joined together mean gratitude, and a dozen roses is the ultimate declaration of love. Twenty five red roses is sent out to congratulate someone, while fifty roses mean unconditional love.

Even if there are a lot of flowers available in flower shops, online shopping is readily available too. Some flower directories are also available online. Red roses are still the most romantic. They will always remain a classic because theres no more passionate way to tell your significant other you love her: other than red roses.

By: Robert Melkonyan

Article Directory: provides flower delivery services in Huston as well as in many other areas throughout the United States, send red roses to the person you love, visit us at


Trying to figure out who to buy roses from online?  CBS News recently completed a survey and crowned one company the best.  Here is who it is….


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