Here’s How to Get the Best Price for Mother’s Day Roses

Buying Roses for Valentines Day need not cost you a fortune and be difficult if you follow these guidelines. Here is help on how to buy roses properly and get the best price possible.

1.  The most important tip is that timing is everything.

If you wait too long to place your order, as it gets closer to Valentines Day, most companies raise their prices.  So the first tip is not to wait.  Order your Valentines Day Roses sooner rather than later.  Procrastinating will cost you more.  The other problem with waiting too long and ordering too late is that your flowers might be delivered late or they could be different than what you ordered.  Ouch….not good!

2.  Order from a reputable company.

When you search for companies to order roses from online it can be overwhelming with deciding who to choose.  How you can be sure of picking the right company that will give you the best value, great quality roses and deliver on time?

Recently, CBS News conducted a survey where they wanted to find who the best companies were to order roses from online.  There is a clip of this survey here.

The results of their survey revealed one company that stood out from all the rest. The company is  CBS News Financial Correspondent, Vera Gibbons said the roses ordered from were the “BEST Value” and very close to what you see in the picture.  So take a look at this company.  Based on that CBS News survey, it takes the risk out of selecting a company that may not be able to fulfill your order in a dependable way.

3.  Plan Ahead.

Think about the type of roses you want to send ahead of time, so you know what to look for when placing your order.  Do you want to send a dozen red roses?  Do you want to send a single rose?  Do you want to send different color roses?

Remember that the different the meanings of roses vary based on their color.
Red says “I love you.”
Purple is for love at first site.
Pink is for thanks and appreciation.
Yellow is for friendship
White is for purity
Orange is for passion
So what do you want to say with your roses?  Consider what the color is already saying for you.

4.  Write out the perfect message that will accompany your roses.

Do you know what you want to say in the message in the card that will accompany your roses?   Maybe you want to consider a “roses are red poem.”  Take a look here and you will find several examples.

5.  Know in advance the favorite color of the person you are sending the roses to.

Despite the fact that every color has its own meaning, if the person you are sending to have a favorite color, you will make them happier if you send the color rose that is their favorite.

6.  Know the date you would like to have your roses delivered.

If you order your roses and have them delivered on the day before Valentines Day, that is best.  That is better for you that the actual day of the holiday–when most people have their roses delivered.  The day of the holiday is too busy for the delivery and because of that there is too much room for error.

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