Here’s Scientific Proof That Roses Will Make Your Wife or Girl Friend Happy

Roses makes girl friends and wives happy. Here is why.

When you think hard about it, flowers are impractical. First, they don’t last long, and for most people, the only thing that should not last long is food. When you give flowers to someone, what does it do? I know for a fact that receiving flowers is like a treat. It makes you excited. Why?

A new study published by the State University of New Jersey has found links between flowers and life satisfaction.


The cliche "stop and smell the flowers" can be taken literally as Rutgers Behavioral Study have proven – flowers are nature’s way of helping us promote our emotional wellbeing. Flowers trigger happy emotions – they heighten the feeling of satisfaction and positively affect our social behavior.

This new study has challenged the very foundation of many scientific beliefs concerning man’s management of his day to day moods. The study was led by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Rutgers and went on for 10 months. It studied the behavioral and emotional responses of several people who received flower delivery to Philippines. Through this study, it was found that flowers can serve as a natural and healthy moderator of moods. Aside from this, here are other findings of that research:

Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. Many of the participants say that whenever they receive flower delivery to Philippines, they are able to express their ‘true’ or ‘real’ smiles. They were genuinely happy, extraordinarily delighted and thankful. This reaction was the same for all age groups.

Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. The study found out that when the respondents received flowers, they feel less agitated and lonely. This feeling of higher sense of enjoyment and satisfaction lasts longer.

Flowers make intimate connections. This is not a wonder as flowers are said to be the most romantic thing in the world. When you send flowers, you’re basically telling the recipient that you love them and are thinking of them always.

In the past, common sense has been telling us that flowers can make us happy. Now, science has given us a proof.

 By: Tony Dee

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