Where To Order a Dozen Roses Online at the Last Minute?

As this is being written the clock is ticking down to Mother’s Day.  Here is help if you are ordering your flowers at the last minute.

Mother’s Day is huge for people that want to buy roses online. As unbelievable as it may sound, most people will order their Mother’s roses at the last minute. If you are asking where to order a dozen roses online at the last minute, we can help.

We have found an online company that is equipped to handle the crush of last minute Mother’s Day orders for roses. In fact, CBS News recently conducted a survey where they wanted to find the best online companies to order roses from. Their objective was to find out who offered the best value and who actually delivered the same roses that were featured in the pictures on their website.

The results of their survey can be seen on a video clip here. The company they chose was FromYouFlowers.com . Vera Gibbons, the CNS News Financial Contributor, who conducted the survey, said ” FromYouFlowers.com offered the best value” out of all the companies they surveyed.

She also said that they delivered roses that very closely matched the pictures. We spoke to the company recently about the upcoming crush of orders that will be happening at the last minute, just before Valentine’s Day. We were told they were confident they could handle all the last minute orders and deliver on time.

We were reminded that they guarantee the quality of their roses as well. “If you are not 100% satisfied” they said they would refund what you paid or redeliver. Roses make a perfect gift for Valentines Day.

Here’s something to remember: Red roses are most traditional and are sent to say: I LOVE YOU. You can send other color roses to have their own special meaning if you prefer. Orange is for passion, white is for innocence, yellow is for friendship, pink is to say thanks, and purple is for love at first site.

Depending on your relationship with that very special person, be sure to keep in mind the rose color meanings. A very special Valentine’s Day gift also can include an originally written short love poem or something written by someone else that you share as your favorite. The whole love poem thing sometimes takes a little longer to think through–so don’t procrastinate on this.

At any rate, keep in mind the ticking clock–you have even less time to order your Mother’s Day roses now! Give FromYouFlowers.com , the CBS News Survey “Best Value” winner, a call today.

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